We are proud to announce that we have restructured our services slightly at the request of many of our clients. We have received a large number of inquiries from couples who do not want the traditional wedding film product so we have begun to offer a Cinematic Package that will consist of a customizable short film and a Classic Package which is more of a traditional wedding film product.

Our Cinematic Package is a short film customized to the couples story where we make the bride and groom the star of their own blockbuster film. The final 25-30 minute film is delivered on a custom flash drive for them to have forever. This film is highly customizable and we make sure that every shot is meaningful and captures what makes the couples day special and unique. The Cinematic Package also optimizes our mastery of cinematography as we are able to focus all of our attention on telling the story through visual imagery.

The Classic Package is a more traditional approach to wedding films. The Classic Package is delivered on DVD with all of the formal parts of the wedding included in their entirety, from the ceremony to the toasts etc. Although the Classic Package is still shot with our signature style, producing a film where all of the formal elements are delivered in their entirety changes the way in which we have shoot to ensure every moment is preserved. To ensure that nothing is missed, a bit of the story telling is removed, however, the day is edited in a fashion as to flow seamlessly as though your watching a Hollywood film.

What has not changed is that in either package we do not charge hourly, we start at the beginning with you and we leave when the house lights come up at the end of the night, and both packages include two cinematographers all day.

All of our footage is shot with Canon DSLR cameras, and the brand new canon C100 digital cinema camera, that give us a unique cinematic look and feel. We use equipment and techniques that we have brought with us from our experience producing independent feature films, commercials and documentaries. Every one of our films are custom, as each wedding is unique. We do not do in-camera editing like some other videographers, as we typically shoot over 150GB of footage throughout the day. We are not a warehouse who sends out shooters to film and someone else edits who was not even at the event. We do not book anything that we do not shoot personally, I along with my partner cinematographer Emily, shoot every wedding we book, and I edit every wedding myself.

We are filmmakers who have a passion for story-telling and enjoy the art of cinematography. We are excited to change with the market and to continue to produce high quality wedding films that couples will cherish for years to come.

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