In conjunction with Code 3 Films, we were brought on by Sunrise Pictures to produce a Reality TV Show Sizzle Reel. A sizzle reel is basically and extended trailer of a show or movie, a virtual pitch if you will, so that the show can be shopped around to networks.

The show is about a therapist, Ronnie Edleman, who wants to bring her practice to TV in hopes that she can help a broader group of people. Ronnie’s practice centers on Divorced and Widowed women where she helps them put the pieces of their lives together and keep moving forward. Ronnie herself is divorced and is dealing daily with the same issues that she has to help her clients with. The stories of the women we filmed are amazing and Ronnie’s interactions with them touching.

We filmed for six days in Long Island during July and we are currently in post production. The reel should be completed soon so check back to see it! We had an amazing time getting to know Ronnie, who was one of the producers of the show along with being the executive producer. Besides becoming friends along the way, I think I received plenty of therapy during the shoot as I always found myself on the proverbial “couch” when ever we had down time.

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