We were recently hired by EFK Group to edit a television commercial for The Atlantic Club Casino that started airing this week locally on NBC 40.

We went up to EFK’s offices in Trenton where we worked with the creative director for the project Nik and the account manager Krystal in bringing their concept to life. Atlantic Club wanted the spot to be a picture montage and the amazing photos were taken by  Mike Watson of, and the voice over was created by Blue Design (

It was a great time working with Nik, he was so receptive to our ideas yet had a strong vision of what the client wanted. At the end of the day Eleanor ,EFK’s Top Boss, signed off on the project and it was sent of for final approval from The Atlantic Club.

I guess they were as happy with the spot as we were because it started airing on Monday. So when you are checking out NBC 40 keep an eye out for our work! The spot will be running all summer in three variations so you have time to catch it.

Thanks again to EFK Group for bringing us on board. Check out their amazing work at where they do nothing but Create Awesome!  ( might see a little of our work there as well).

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