Here is a spot we did for Ventura Wealth Management, you can check out there site at

This was the first spot we shot entirely on the GH4 in 4K. The spot was Directed by Peter Hipsz.

Here is our latest in a series of commercials we did for Immaculata University. The commercials were commissioned by The EFK Group and directed by their Randy Silver,

20141206_220625MOI12We are excited that we were chosen to be the Director of Photography for the feature film Massacre on Aisle 12 which we shot the first 2 weeks of December in Savannah GA. The film is a horror comedy and we had a great time and met some wonderful new people. The film was produced by Full Auto Films and Code 3 Films and directed by the talented Jim Klock and Mark McCullough. We will keep everyone up to date on when/where you can see the film.IMG_2396



This was a local commercial spot we did for Immaculata University, it was another great project brought to us by the great folks at EFK Group.The shoot had a crazy tight schedule, and we shot it all in about 7 hours. Directors Randy Silver and Pete Hipsz had a clear plan and with a little hustle we got everything we needed. None of the cast were actors, they were actual students and staff of the university. The university’s media department were fantastic hosts and played a huge part in helping to preping everything and carting gear to one location while we were finishing shooting at another. Lastly, if you listen closely you will hear a certain member of Dmart Films who did a little voice over work. (hint: the shot of the girl at the computer screen)

Finally My Turn is a sizzle we shot last year for therapist Ronnie Edelmen who wants to use a reality show to help reach more clients. Her practice specializes in helping divorced and widowed women, and in steeped experience as she finds her way through her own divorce.
The sizzle was commissioned by Sunrise Film and Code 3 Films for Ronnie. The piece was edited by the talented Brad Geiszler out of Los Angeles. We shot over a few weeks on four different trips up to Long Island last summer. Ronnie was great to work with and get to know and we wish her the best in selling her show.

A few months back we shot a behind the scenes film for a film shot LA. It was a really great project with a great cast and crew. It was fun being a fly on the wall during production and shoot all the craziness that is a movie set.

The video is a small compilation of the project, for the full behind the scenes you’ll have to buy the DVD!

This is a promo we did for the City of Elizabeth’s Youth Services new website. This was another great project brought to us by EFK who designed the new site and thought one of our videos would be a perfect fit. We had a great time working with project manager Krtstal Ladao from EFK and Stan and Kelly from the City of Elizabeth. We shot over five days over a three month period so we could film some of the many programs and events the city provides.

This is a short informational piece for the site, we are also putting the finishing touches on a longer mini-doc about all the great things that the City of Elizabeth has to offer for the youth and families of their city. Check back soon for the min-doc.

A Promotional Video for EFK Group.

Here is a film we made for Keane University’s Admission website. We are schedule to shoot more videos for the website so stay tuned for more videos.

A while back we were hired to shoot specific B-Roll shots of Woodstock New York and New York City for a feature film. We shot for about three days and captured some amazing footage. This video is selection of some of my favorite shots. All shots were captured with a Canon C100 recorded in Proress 4:2:2 with Canon C-Log.

Music “Triumphant_Classical _Piano” licensed through

Here is a sizzle reel and the opening for a show we produced in Conjunction with Code 3 Films and Attention Seeker Entertainment in 2012. We shot 10 episodes of the show where each episode showcased an American Athlete who would be competing in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. All ten episodes were broadcast by TRACE Sports and aired across Europe in 110 countries worldwide. Emily and I traveled across the country over a three month time frame getting to meet these amazing athletes. Every episode was hot entirely by only Emily and I except for a couple where we had the luxury of a sound recordist. We are very proud of the show, maybe I will post a full episode of my favorite athlete we got to meet!

We were recently hired by EFK Group to edit a television commercial for The Atlantic Club Casino that started airing this week locally on NBC 40.

We went up to EFK’s offices in Trenton where we worked with the creative director for the project Nik and the account manager Krystal in bringing their concept to life. Atlantic Club wanted the spot to be a picture montage and the amazing photos were taken by  Mike Watson of, and the voice over was created by Blue Design (

It was a great time working with Nik, he was so receptive to our ideas yet had a strong vision of what the client wanted. At the end of the day Eleanor ,EFK’s Top Boss, signed off on the project and it was sent of for final approval from The Atlantic Club.

I guess they were as happy with the spot as we were because it started airing on Monday. So when you are checking out NBC 40 keep an eye out for our work! The spot will be running all summer in three variations so you have time to catch it.

Thanks again to EFK Group for bringing us on board. Check out their amazing work at where they do nothing but Create Awesome!  ( might see a little of our work there as well).

here is a sample interview piece that we did for the 1 in 5 initiative, a great project dedicated to helping those with dyslexia powered by the Learning Alley!

check out there website at