20141206_220625MOI12We are excited that we were chosen to be the Director of Photography for the feature film Massacre on Aisle 12 which we shot the first 2 weeks of December in Savannah GA. The film is a horror comedy and we had a great time and met some wonderful new people. The film was produced by Full Auto Films and Code 3 Films and directed by the talented Jim Klock and Mark McCullough. We will keep everyone up to date on when/where you can see the film.IMG_2396




After renting lens after lens to find the perfect 50mm for us…we are so happy to add the gorgeous Sigma 50mm F1.4 Art Series lens to our kit. I cannot tell you how happy this made Emily, as she shoots a lot with the 50mm. She was a tough critic when we would rent all the other 50mm lenes on the market and it was a close competition between the Sigma and the Zeiss, with the new Sigma ultimately winning out.

Movi M5

It has been a crazy wedding season already and I can’t wait to start posting some trailers for the amazing weddings we have filmed. We are so excited about our new Movi M5 gimball as it has paired so nicely with our new Panasonic GH4 to provide some incredibly dynamic shots in our upcoming films. We love adding just the right piece of equipment to help us get the perfect shot to help tell the story we are capturing. We pride our selves on not only doing what it takes to tell the story but also investing in the right gear to get it done. The Movi M5 has already proved early on it was a great investment. Check back soon for our upcoming trailers and look for the amazing shots captured with this device.

We are excited to add another fantasic camera to our line-up. The GH4 brings with it 4K resolution and 96fps slow motion all in a package small enough to get just about anywhere!20140430_172924

We are proud to announce that we recently filmed at the US Open Squash Tournament held at Drexel University for Prince Sports. We were to capture some footage of Prince Sponsors players as they are making videos player profile videos for their new website that is being produced by our friends at EFK Group. We are also excited that we will be filming various other video projects for Prince in Conjunction with EFK Group for the new websites.photo (5)

We are proud to announce that we have restructured our services slightly at the request of many of our clients. We have received a large number of inquiries from couples who do not want the traditional wedding film product so we have begun to offer a Cinematic Package that will consist of a customizable short film and a Classic Package which is more of a traditional wedding film product.

Our Cinematic Package is a short film customized to the couples story where we make the bride and groom the star of their own blockbuster film. The final 25-30 minute film is delivered on a custom flash drive for them to have forever. This film is highly customizable and we make sure that every shot is meaningful and captures what makes the couples day special and unique. The Cinematic Package also optimizes our mastery of cinematography as we are able to focus all of our attention on telling the story through visual imagery.

The Classic Package is a more traditional approach to wedding films. The Classic Package is delivered on DVD with all of the formal parts of the wedding included in their entirety, from the ceremony to the toasts etc. Although the Classic Package is still shot with our signature style, producing a film where all of the formal elements are delivered in their entirety changes the way in which we have shoot to ensure every moment is preserved. To ensure that nothing is missed, a bit of the story telling is removed, however, the day is edited in a fashion as to flow seamlessly as though your watching a Hollywood film.

What has not changed is that in either package we do not charge hourly, we start at the beginning with you and we leave when the house lights come up at the end of the night, and both packages include two cinematographers all day.

All of our footage is shot with Canon DSLR cameras, and the brand new canon C100 digital cinema camera, that give us a unique cinematic look and feel. We use equipment and techniques that we have brought with us from our experience producing independent feature films, commercials and documentaries. Every one of our films are custom, as each wedding is unique. We do not do in-camera editing like some other videographers, as we typically shoot over 150GB of footage throughout the day. We are not a warehouse who sends out shooters to film and someone else edits who was not even at the event. We do not book anything that we do not shoot personally, I along with my partner cinematographer Emily, shoot every wedding we book, and I edit every wedding myself.

We are filmmakers who have a passion for story-telling and enjoy the art of cinematography. We are excited to change with the market and to continue to produce high quality wedding films that couples will cherish for years to come.

EFK Group has once again brought on Dmart Films to help them produce a video, this time for the City of Elizabeth. The Youth Services Department wants a video for their website to get the word out about the amazing programs they offer to the youth of Elizabeth. The video will be a mini documentary that not only gets the word out but also high-lites some of the programs success stories.

We are looking forward to telling their story, as the project comes together over the next couple of months.

In conjunction with Code 3 Films, we were brought on by Sunrise Pictures to produce a Reality TV Show Sizzle Reel. A sizzle reel is basically and extended trailer of a show or movie, a virtual pitch if you will, so that the show can be shopped around to networks.

The show is about a therapist, Ronnie Edleman, who wants to bring her practice to TV in hopes that she can help a broader group of people. Ronnie’s practice centers on Divorced and Widowed women where she helps them put the pieces of their lives together and keep moving forward. Ronnie herself is divorced and is dealing daily with the same issues that she has to help her clients with. The stories of the women we filmed are amazing and Ronnie’s interactions with them touching.

We filmed for six days in Long Island during July and we are currently in post production. The reel should be completed soon so check back to see it! We had an amazing time getting to know Ronnie, who was one of the producers of the show along with being the executive producer. Besides becoming friends along the way, I think I received plenty of therapy during the shoot as I always found myself on the proverbial “couch” when ever we had down time.

We were fortunate enough to be hired to shoot some B-Roll footage of Woodstock NY, and New York City for a Hollywood movie that was filmed in LA, but takes place in New York. It was a very exciting project as we were able to go to some great locations and Emily and I even hiked up a mountain in the Catskills to get a shot. There are some great pics on our Instgram account and on our Facebook page.

I will be putting a little video together when I have a moment to breathe of the footage. Stay Tuned!

I just wanted to let everyone know that we will be having some updates to the site in the near future. We have been lucky enough to be very busy this summer and we spent most of the month of July on the road filming some great weddings and exciting other projects. So keep checking back to see some of our summer fun.

We were recently hired by EFK Group to edit a television commercial for The Atlantic Club Casino that started airing this week locally on NBC 40.

We went up to EFK’s offices in Trenton where we worked with the creative director for the project Nik and the account manager Krystal in bringing their concept to life. Atlantic Club wanted the spot to be a picture montage and the amazing photos were taken by  Mike Watson of  Visualdiction.com, and the voice over was created by Blue Design (bluedesign.tv).

It was a great time working with Nik, he was so receptive to our ideas yet had a strong vision of what the client wanted. At the end of the day Eleanor ,EFK’s Top Boss, signed off on the project and it was sent of for final approval from The Atlantic Club.

I guess they were as happy with the spot as we were because it started airing on Monday. So when you are checking out NBC 40 keep an eye out for our work! The spot will be running all summer in three variations so you have time to catch it.

Thanks again to EFK Group for bringing us on board. Check out their amazing work at efkgroup.com where they do nothing but Create Awesome!  (ps..you might see a little of our work there as well).

We were excited yesterday to find out that Laura & Eric’s wedding was featured on the Style Me Pretty’s blog “Little Black Book”, and that our trailer of their wedding was also featured in the blog post.

You can check out the blog and post here: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2013/06/12/bonnet-island-wedding-from-kay-english/


Thanks to everyone involved!

Our recent bride Laura Adams is the editor of (201) Bride Magazine and she has been blogging about the entire process of planning her wedding. You can see the entire blog Getting Hitched Here

Laura has blogged about her experiences with Dmart Films three times so far and you can those posts here:
Wedding Trailer Has Wow Factor

I’m Married

A Cinematic Experience

We had an great time at Laura & Erik’s wedding which was held at the amazing Bonnet Island Estate in Manahawkin and I was excited to hear Laura’s Feedback knowing that she knows all things weddings. Well I am happy to say that she was as pleased with her trailer as we were. The entire wedding was unique and the song we used in the trailer was sung at the reception live by her sister/ Maid of Honor. Check out the trailer on the 2013 Trailers page or here

Emily & I know the importance of a couple’s wedding day and even though we film many weddings each season we pride ourselves at making each wedding film as important to us as it is to them. So when we get feedback like: “That was utterly amazing! We LOVE it! I cried watching it. You and Emily are so talented! Thank You ! Laura” it is very gratifying and motivating.

Please check out all of the nice things that Laura posted about us on her blog. For any of our future brides out there check out Laura’s blog which is full of tips and insight that the editor of a bride’s magazine experienced planning her own wedding.


Tomorrow marks the beginning of a busy 2013 wedding season for Dmart Films. We had a couple great weddings this spring to get us back in the swing of things, but tomorrow starts us on busy season where we are booked just about every weekend, with only a handful of open dates along the way.

We also have some great corporate projects this summer as well, beginning with our second trip to Kean University to produce another video for their brand new website.

We would like to thank all of our customers for choosing us to produce your film and we look forward to seeing you all this summer. Check the site often to see some great films this summer as we have an amazing schedule of great weddings and events!

See you on the road.


We are excited about the arrival of our new Camera,a Canon EOS C100 Digital Cinema Camera. The new camera is an upgrade to an already stellar camera lineup. Canon’s Cinema EOS line merges professional cinema cameras with the form factor of their DSLR cameras. It allows Dmart to inprove upon an already great product but maintain our ability of being unobtrusive. We are excited to start shooting with the new camera.

We are proud to announce the completion of our new editing suite. The state of the art transformation brings the latest technology to our editing suite to allow for better performance and faster work flows and gets us ready for the introduction of our new camera for the 2013 season…Stay tuned!

The Derecho wind storm that caused havic accross the entire region was not eneough to stop Dmart Films from producing a great wedding film. On Saturday June 23rd We filmed an amazing wedding in Vineland where thr bride and groom pushed forward with their celebration despite the state of emergency and the Venue being without power. A few modifications to their plans and the the inside reception moved to the veranda and the show went on, and we were there to capture it all. However, the storm did keep our power off for about a week, but the power is on and we are busy editing again.

Please check back soon to see the amazing trailer for Renita and Mario’s State of Emergency Wedding!

Dmart Films is pleased to announce that they have added a Canon 5D MK III to their camera line up. Canon’s newest offering adds better video quailty and incrediable low light performance. This also is the fourth DSLR camera body to be part of the wedding camera kit and provides even more flexibility to have the right tool for the right shot.

You might have noticed we have not updated our blog for a while before posting a bunch of trailers today! The reason for this is because we have been working on an exciting project with our independent production company Code 3 Films. Code 3 Films is a production company where my business partner and founder of Code 3 Jim Klock and I produce independent films, commercials and just about every other type of film production outside of weddings.

Early this year Los Angeles based Attention Seeker Entertainment brought on Code 3 Films to film, edit, and prepare for delivery, a ten episode television series about American Olympic hopefuls as they prepare to make the U.S. olympic team and compete in the London games in August. We have been on the road filming these athletes in Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, New York and Houston. The series will be broadcast in over 150 countries world wide, and includes some of the U.S.’s top Olympic Athletes such as Nastia Liukin, Dawn Harper, Justin Lester, The Lopez Family, and Carmelita Jeter.

Enjoy the Sizzle reel and stay tuned for dates and times for the series premiere. Our travels end by the end of March and we will be back full time just in time for wedding season!

So I was packing up the camera gear one afternoon while my daughter was playing her guitar,so I just started taking some video of her. Well when you have three daughters they all want equal time and it kind of grew into a full blown project. The end result is this little music video shot entirely with a Canon 5D Mk II. I only used a 24-105 f4 lens and it was pretty much wide open for every shot. The editing consists of no color correction or effects, these are the images caught with the camera using the “Standard” picture style.

The camera is amazing and more and more of the work we do is shot with these cameras.